Oil Fired Boiler, Gas Fired Boiler And Dual Fuel Boiler

Capacity : 1 TPH to 20 TPH, 
Working Pressure up to 21 Kg/cm2 
Fuel : LDO / FO / Natural Gas / LPG

Multitech gas, oil, dual fuel boilers are three pass, wet back, super economic boilers equipped with pressure jet, mono block, on-off / modulating burners to deliver high combustion and thermal efficiency.

The perfect three pass design ensures adequate furnace volume, complete combustion, efficient heat transfer and low flue gas exit temperature for high thermal efficiency.

Multitech boilers are designed for easy maintenance and inspection. Every Multitech boiler is manufactured under strict inspection as per IBR standards.

Furnace and combustion chamber sized to facilitate combustion of different fuels. The construction is such that the same boiler can be used to fire fuel oil, natural gas and LPG.

Quick Load Response
Large water holding capacity (almost three times the rated steaming capacity) makes it suitable to quickly meet fluctuating steam demands.

Consistent Performance
Huge furnace volume facilitates lower heat release rate which ensures complete combustion.
Adequate number of tubes together with large furnace volume ensures overall efficiency of 89%.

Dryness Fraction of Steam
Free board distance of 600 mm and large disengaging surface of steam and water assures minimum dryness fraction of 98%, that reduce losses and subsequently the fuel cost.

Safety Interlocks
Multitech incorporate multiple safety features like steam temperature controller, pressure switch, safety valves, stack temperature switch, fusible plagues, reliable water level controller and burner management system.
The boiler is design with large heat transfer surface area which ensure lower heat flux and thereby lower thermal stresses.