Optimum Heating Solution For Perfect Drying

High Temperature Hot Water Generator For Tea, Coconut, Rubber & Plywood Industries.                                                          

The development of Multitech High Temperature Hot Water Generator has created a revolution in the Tea Industries since 2009 and a substantial number of installations are running satisfactorily all over India and Overseas, due to its tremendous benefits. 

Benefits :

  • Tea : Coal Ratio 1:0.5   
  • Tea : Coal Ratio Including Troughs 1 : 1.14 (In Darjeeling Area)
  • Tea : Husk Ratio 1 : 1 
  • Capacity : 6,00,000 Kcal / hr to 50,00,000 Kcal / hr
  • Multi Fuel e.g., Coal (Even with bad quality Coal & Fines), Husk, Wood, Saw Dust, Ground Nut Shell etc. 
  • Combustion Efficiency : 99% 
  • Thermal Efficiency : 87% ±2% 
  • Huge Grate Area / Bed Area (Bigger Furnace Volume helps Complete Combustion). 
  • Controlled Furnace Temperature does not allow Clinker formation. Hence no un-burnt loss. Low Fuel Consumption. 
  • Close Loop System in Water Circuit. Hence no further Water Consumption & does not require Water Treatment separately.
  • No Smoke Hazards, resulting in elimination of Smoke Taints in Tea.   
  • Percentage of Anthraquinone in Tea is less than 0.002; Well within permissible limit. 
  • Provides Pollution Control Equipment & hence Environment friendly. 
  • Single Hot Water Generator can cater to Multiple Driers and Troughs.
  • Total Quality Management (TQM) is the Holistic Concept of Multitech.
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