Fluidised Bed Boiler

  • Uniquely designed for unmatched efficiency.
  • Operates on natural agro waste... rice husk, palm fibre, coconut shells, de-oiled cakes.
  • High ash coal can also be used efficiently. Thermal efficiency of more than 82%.
  • High efficiency result of low excess air, high combustion efficiency and maximum heat transfer.
  • Heat transfer and combustion rates as high as 99%.


  • Fully automatic.
  • Single operator required for functioning.
  • Turn down ratio: 1:4.
  • Easy removal of ash eliminates man power. 
  • Quick steaming from cold start.
  • Capacity 2 TPH - 50 TPH at pressure up to 67 Kg/cm2
  • Long lasting stainless steel air nozzles.
  • Continuous ash discharge through Rotary Air Lock Valve under Cyclone.
  • Minimum investment for Spares and Maintenance.
  • Studded bed tubes, long life for bed coils.
  • Easy access to bed tubes for cleaning scale deposition.

Fluidised Bed Retrofitting:

  • Boosts and Enhance capacity of old boilers.
  • Lower calorific value fuels can be burned efficiently through fludised bed system by eliminating grates from old boilers.