Multitech ... Single Source For Efficient, Cost-effective Thermal Energy Solutions

Multitech. An organisation committed to the needs of the customer. Under the management of its core team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, the Company delivers a range of sophisticated thermal energy products for diverse industrial needs.

A desire to benefit national interest through energy efficient, cost effective, eco-friendly Boilers, led to the birth of Multitech Boilers in 1999. Innovation and Research enabled Multitech machines to raise fuel efficiency levels from the existing market range of 62% to more than 82%. An inspiration that raised the bar for the Boiler Industry.

Initially Boilers with capacity of 3 TPH were produced by Multitech. The present range has a capacity of 20 TPH and the future projection is for Boilers with capacity up to 50 TPH.

Diversification has brought about a range of premium products in the area of Power Generation; High Temperature Hot Water Generators for the Tea Industry and Thermic Fluid Heaters for Chemical, Rubber, Solvent Extraction Plants, etc.

A deep commitment to the environment enabled the in-house R&D team to create innovative products geared to enhancing energy, yet saving fuel consumption. Multitech products maintain the stringent quality norms required by organisations such as SGS, Directorate of Boilers and Bureau Veritas.

The team at Multitech goes to great lengths to assure the customer that their products deliver unmatched performance levels. That's why a Multitech customer stays a Multitech customer. And repeat orders keep coming in!

Our overseas journey began in 2001. The first market we entered was Nigeria, followed by Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Benin, then on to the Philippines, Nepal and Bangladesh. Over the years our association with our overseas markets have grown as is seen by the many repeat orders we receive.

Innovating Solutions For Thermal Energy Needs

  • Company dedicated to providing innovative, cost-effective, heat related solutions for diverse industrial applications.
  • Reliable partner to various organisations in India and Overseas.
  • Meets specific needs for design, supply and erection, servicing and commissioning, an entire range of heating systems and heat transfer equipment.
  • Multitech systems incorporate high-end technology, which is synchronised to match customer's existing manufacturing process.
  • High quality construction, yet low operational and investment costs are the advantages customers gain.
  • Quality is the "holistic" concept at Multitech. Quality carried out at every stage from design to commissioning.